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I am a product design lead and user experience researcher. My work focuses on creating consumable front-end interfaces and experiences for artificial intelligence and deep learning technologies. I have presented my product work to Fortune Magazine, the CEOs of several Fortune 500 companies, and at SXSW. I work alongside design, development, research, and product management teams at IBM. I have a Masters of Fine Arts in Design Management from the Savannah College of Art and Design and an undergraduate degree in architecture from the University of Texas at Austin. I hold a patent in haptic technology for networked components.

I am most passionate about the future of computer vision, lowering the barrier of entry for machine learning and deep learning products through user-centered design, and helping others grow their careers in the fields of user experience, data science, and artificial intelligence. View my list of topics for more detail.

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Designing for Progressive Disclosure Workshop | Austin Design Week (coming Nov 2019)

Designing for Progressive Disclosure Workshop | Domain-Driven Design (coming Aug 2019)

Designing For Progressive Disclosure | General Assembly UX Design Bootcamp 2018

Concept Refinement & Validation | University of Texas at Austin 2018

Intro to Computer Vision | General Assembly ‘Talk Data to Me’ Speaker Series 2018

PowerAI Vision Product Presentation | IBM Board of Directors 2018

Growing Your AI Business from Experimental to Production | IBM THINK Conference 2018

Project Cognitive Discovery Presentation | IBM C-Suite 2018

Design Thinking: Project Cognitive Discovery | Fortune Magazine 2017

Design Thinking at IBM | Intraprenuership Conference Toronto 2017

Thesis Defense, The Maverick Within: Intrapreneurship as a System | SCAD 2017

Tempo: Making Music from Weather Data | IBM x SXSW 2017

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2019 Best of IBM Honoree | Given by the CEO of IBM to the top 0.25% of employees

Gold Winner for Experience Design | Spark Design International Awards 2018

Patent: Haptic Feedback in Networked Components | IBM & US Patent Office 2018

2Q Agile Excellence Award | IBM 2018

Graduate Fellowship Merit Scholarship | SCAD 2015

Academic Achievement Award | SCAD 2015

Student Incentive Scholarship | SCAD 2015

Construction Science Gold Winner | UTSOA 2014

Fundraiser of the Year | Unite for Sight 2014

Design Excellence Nominee | UTOSA 2013

Design Excellence Winner | UTSOA 2012