Custom Table Designs

For a year, I worked as a furniture designer for a new company in Austin, Texas called Custom Rustics. I was hired before the store opened and helped to create the showroom and custom furniture designs. My table designs accounted for 40% of company revenue during the year in which I worked. I was fortunate to work with with talented wood craftsmen and welders to bring these custom tables to life and into customers' homes. 

side farm table high res
full view side table
glass routed table
farm table rendering
glass table rendering

Outdoor Center

Project: Create an outdoor center designed for the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center in Austin, Texas that promotes the land and sustainability.

Concept: The roof is a rain collection system generated from a single module rain collection solution. The wall leading to the center slowly rises from the earth until it meets the roofline. This creates the illusion of a naturally grown object in order to maintain the integrity of the wildflower center. This project aims to create a beneficial relationship between the natural and built world. 

 Nominee for 2013 Design Excellence Award, University of Texas School of Architecture

outdoor 3.jpg
outdoor 1.jpg
outdoor 5.jpg

Urban Mixed-Use Housing

Project: Create a multi-use housing project for downtown Austin, Texas.

Concept: This multi-use urban housing project is designed to encompass both commercial and residential spaces. I created the design and designation of spaces by using blocks distinguished by program that overlap and interact. The different residential program blocks include studios, single-family town homes, and live-work spaces. This creates a diverse living community within the complex. Additionally, the building is designed around a large open courtyard to create a semi-private green oasis. 



Project: Create a working luminaire prototype that meets the lighting needs of a specific location.

Concept: We designed a table lamp for a local outdoor coffee shop in order to improve lighting for studying students. We felt that more light in the space would increase usability. Additionally, table lights will illuminate the work surface without taking away from the romantic ambiance of the dark cafe. We wanted to assist those working without disrupting patrons who were not working. In this way, our lighting solution is productive without being disruptive. 

Role: My specific roles included project management and physical fabrication of the luminaire prototype. I did final design touches on drawings generated by my group partners.

full luminaire