Ephemeral Space

Project: Address the role of ephemerality in modern society as connections become more fleeting, transient, and momentary. This is accelerated through social media, online dating, and a constant desire for change.

Concept: Introduce the concept of ephemerality into built space in order to revitalize consumer experience, embrace sustainability, and encourage adaptable use of spaces. Ephemeral space can change they way existing typologies organize themselves and redesign urban districts. 

Role: All group members have a background in either architecture or interior design which we actively brought into the project. My role involved bringing in my architecture background, maintaining and updating the process book, and planning cultural inquiries. We created live pop-up spaces in order to test ephemerality of space in a controlled environment and observe human behavior. 

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Identifying the problem

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Application of theory 

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Topic and concept diagramming


primary research: interactive surveys and user prototypes

concept development

final concepts and pitch video