Keep Connecting: Sustainable Practices in Design

Project: Empower the City of Savannah’s Office of Environmental Services and Sustainability to work towards the goals outlined in the 2016 Sustainability Assessment through engaging other City of Savannah departments.

Concept: As design management students, this was our first official course in sustainability. Through a combination of sustainability readings and primary research, we decided to leverage our workshop facilitation abilities to help create an understanding of sustainability as a practice within the Savannah City Government. We conducted two workshops as a class and delivered a detailed workshop toolkit to the city for future internal use. We branded our message and our final deliverables with the phrase, “keep connecting” and the triple bottom line of people, planet, and profit.

Role: This project entailed several interactions with city government employees and officials and my primary role during these interactions was lead presenter. I organized the content to be presented, worked with the visual team, and crafted the presentation scripts. During team meetings, I led ideation sessions alongside another team leader and helped to organize client interactions, workshop materials, and final deliverable content. 

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sust cover

understanding sustainability as a practice


project mission statement

Process and Primary research

double diamond

synthesizing: empathy maps and systems maps


midterm stakeholder workshop

systems image

Sacrificial concepts

the pilot opportunity

Final stakeholder workshop

Final concept deliverable

workshop kit

City Hall Presentation