Project: Create a social network that addresses user experience.

Concept: Our social network is a digital viewing community that brings people together in real life based on digital media interests. Rather than watching Netflix, YouTube, or Lynda videos at home alone, you can watch them together at fun local hotspots with friends and strangers. We want to reintroduce human connections into the growing trend of digital media and connected isolationism.

Role: I was the red leader in this group and had strong approvals from my awesome teammates (thanks guys!). As the red leader, I allocated tasks, provided creative concepts, and managed our time as a group. With five busy schedules, it's important to create a balance between individual and group work. I assigned tasks based on where my team would excel but also based on what they wanted to explore further. We made sure to always have fun, change up our meeting locations (food!), and enjoy one another as more than just teammates but as friends. This project was definitely a "dream team" experience. 

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Background research for whitespace opportunities

Background research for whitespace opportunities
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concept development

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competitor analysis 

user testing


Final prototype event and pitch

In memory of Scott Waldrup