Object Oriented Ontology Game

Project: Design a digital game that leverages theory. Employ user game testing during prototype iterations. 

Concept: I created an Object Oriented Ontology Black Box game designed for casual/recreation level gamers. The core activity of the app-based game involves battles between everyday objects based on object characteristics. It is a game-on-the-go that allows for either short or extended play intervals. Whether you want to battle objects for an hour, or 5 minutes between classes, the app facilitates this experience. The app visuals and scenes are iconographic and minimal, and therefore do not require a large screen for immersion. The focus is on quick swipes and screen-taps in order to beat your opponent before they beat you. Game tournaments among item collections can span several weeks and therefore the game needs to be mobile and easily accessible over the course of an extended time period. 

Feedback: Players who tested the game prototype said they enjoyed the experience and found the game addictive. 

Application of Theory

Interface Design

coffee pot


Game Testing


Mind-Mapping Game

Project: Design an analog game and employ user game testing of prototypes. 

Concept: Group work is an essential aspect of the modern day work culture. Although working in groups promotes collaboration and efficiency, groups often encounter creative roadblocks that hinder collective problem solving. Through a rapid mind mapping game, work teams will be able to quickly and creatively brainstorm problem solutions by making connections to other ideas that would otherwise not be apparent. This will help work teams differentiate themselves from competitors by solving problems with more innovative, less obvious solutions.

Feedback: The game was very popular among users, especially SCAD students looking to ideate for creative projects. 

Initial Prototype & User Testing

Final Prototype