Enabling Collaboration Through Space

Project: Design a new space for the Design Management program at SCAD that enables collaboration and fosters creativity.

Concept: Our spatial design deliverables began with research around the ways in which physical space and environment can promote or hinder collaboration. We designed areas for serendipitous encounters as well as formal presentation zones and creative maker spaces. We also recognized the importance of branding through space and merged the SCAD culture with our unique design management sub-culture. Through furniture utilization analyses, flow diagrams, and spatial renderings, our final deliverable is an 18,000 square foot proposal for a new design management space that also houses other related disciplines.

Roles: My primary role was focused on prototyping and rendering. There were only two architects in the class and we were tasked with translating the team's research, of which we also participated, into diagrammatic floor plans and 3D models. It was a great opportunity to combine my background in architecture with my current studies of design research and strategy. 

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750 cover

The team and the brief

750 team
750 Tom
750 Deliverable 1
750 Deliverable 2

Primary and secondary research

750 question
750 Primary R.
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affinitization of research data points

Initial concepts

classroom configuration data

user personas

classroom blueprint

Project location site and analysis

Final spatial proposal